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Trasplante de Cabello en Colombia

Although many people take their baldness with honor and resignation, other men and women have emotional changes in their social, professional and intimate life. They feel bored and even sad when thinking about how others perceive their appearance.

With the idea of solving hair loss problems in a natural and permanent way because of the high demand we saw for this service in Colombia, we founded the clinic six years ago , with an incredible success.

Our good name in this profession is due to the exclusive dedication to this specialty, the responsable and respectful relationship with our patients and of course, to the mixture of the best and most modern scientific methods with creativity and artistic sensibility. Patients are pleased to visit our transplant clinic; Comming from all over the world reflects our reputation for professional excellence.

Patients are very satisfied, they look better, younger and generally more successful now. For me and the HairDoctors team is a pride and a commitment to be part of this great change.

This is the first step to recover more than his hair, Welcome!

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"I live in Germany 20 years ago. Every winter, like Christmas, I try to go visit my mom to Medellin. What I have done these last three trips is that before coming to the house of my mother, I...

Henry (Federal Court Translator Germany)

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(Article taken from: International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)

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The time depends on the size of the area of the initial density and type of transplant. This can vary...